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Syncing Amendment from Zuora to Salesforce via 360 Sync

Is there a way to sync Amendment information to Salesforce will the turning on Use Single Subscription for Amendments feature gain us visibility to Amendment information? 

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Re: Syncing Amendment from Zuora to Salesforce via 360 Sync

Currently, It is not possible to sync the Amendment information to Salesforce as separate Amendment records.
We don't have the option to include both the original subscription and amendments in SFDC. 

There is no Subscription Amendment object in Salesforce under Managed package


How Subscription Amendment works:
Generally, if we amend a subscription in Zuora and send it to SFDC via sync, it will delete the existing subscription and create the new version of subscription in SFDC. The Previous version of the subscription can only be seen in Zuora and not in SFDC as per design.
- The subscription version number is 4 in Zuora after amendment.
- Performed a manual Account& Related objects sync from Zuora.
- The subscription with Version # 3 got deleted and Version # 4 got created in SFDC.

Subscription in Zuora :


169504 - Amendment Subscription Zuora.JPG


Subscription in Salesforce :

169504 - Amendment Subscription SFDC123.JPG


And turning on the feature as mentioned in the article  Use Single Subscription for Amendments will not meet the  requirement as the enabling the below feature will work as functioned below  


Without this feature enabled, when you create an amendment and sync it to Salesforce, the original version of the subscription was deleted, and a new subscription with a new Salesforce ID was created in Salesforce. If this feature is enabled in your tenant, 360 Sync will upsert a Subscription using the Subscription Number field that has been added to Subscription object as an External ID.