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Some of the Payments are not getting synced to SFDC

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Some of the Payments are not getting synced to SFDC



We seem to have had a problem with our Zuora and SFDC sync via Z360, causing a couple thousand of our payment records not being created in SFDC for the last couple of months.



This issue would have caused due to Zuora 360 intermittent sync issue. In some cases, If you do the Dummy edit/Save on the payment record, this will solve the problem.


If you have an large number of payment sync fail, please follow the below steps to resync those payment record to SFDC.


1. Export those missing payment record ids from the Data source and save the file in ( .csv )format in your local system.


2.png2. Navigate to https://connect.zuora.com/ and open the Generic API loader task for your tenant.

  - Create a task with Run mode as “Update” and establish the connection to Corresponding Zuora tenant.




3. In the Advanced section, Choose the object as Payment and upload the Missing sync payment record file (.csv) in the Input file section




4. Start run the task, This will update the last modified date us today's date on the Payment records, so the Next Real-time sync job pickup those missed sync record and get it synced with SFDC corresponding Billing account.


If you still face any issues, please create a new ticket.






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