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Show subscription name when renewing

When I go and generate a renewal quote I can't see the subscription I'm updating on the quote (as far as I can see).


There is a field zqu__Subscription_Name__c which is on the quote and by querying I can find it's set correctly. But I can't seem to add this field to any of the field sets on Quotes to get it displayed.


Any ideas what I'm missing?


Re: Show subscription name when renewing

@Nigel I ran into that similar problem when we were setting up the field sets.  I looked at our configuration and I ended up creating a custom field set and adding the Subscription Name field there to display (along with a bunch of other fields).  I can't recall if any of Zuora field sets would allow the field to be added.


I asked Zuora if they had some sort of chart or table that would list which fields are available per field set but they don't.  I thought it would be good to know which fields Zuora originally added to each field set also but that's not available either.


It's been 3-4 years since we've first started using these field sets and over time things definitely get moved around.


Re: Show subscription name when renewing

I definitely recommend making copies of the field sets that ship with Zuora and customizing your copied ones. Field sets can be impacted during a package upgrade (i.e. newly introduced fields show up by themselves). Having our own copies allows us to ensure they are managed more consistently. Additionally this works around the issue where the original ones sometimes dont allow you to add certain fields (why? it seems to be some odd Salesforce behavior based on when the field set was created)


The other plus here, is the original Zuora provided field sets remain untouched so you have them as a reference of 'stock' configuration.