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Salesforce/Zuora Renewal Best Practices Advice

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Salesforce/Zuora Renewal Best Practices Advice

How are other Zuora users here doing renewals?


Are you creating renewal opportunities in Salesforce?


Any advice around best practices to have renewal data in Salesforce and Zuora?


Re: Salesforce/Zuora Renewal Best Practices Advice

@DataCamp_HM We manage all renewals in salesforce.  We bult a custom process that will generate the opportunity and renewal quote about 75 days prior to the subscription end date.  Everyday, it querries the Subscription 360 data and find subscriptions that are up for renewal and  generate coresponding opportunity and renewal quote.  The opportunity owner is able to make any modifications nessecary.  We notify the customer 60 days prior with a renewal reminder email.  Then 45 days prior we mail the customer a pro forma invoice.  Once the customer agrees to renew either by submitting payment or letting their account manager know, the renewal quote is sent to zuora to renew the subscription.


If the customer does not renew, 45 days after the subscription end date, we have another process that cancels the subscription.  The cancellation process is an API call to generate the cancellation amendment in Zuora.  The renewal opportunity is updated as Closed Lost.


That's a high level explanation of our process.  Let me know if you have any addtional questions.