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Salesforce - Product Selector Page - Search button

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Salesforce - Product Selector Page - Search button

In Salesforce, product selector - We can choose the search bar to filter on our products. However when I remove the filter, it does not return to the original page, it returns to a modified page that has some remnants of the search remaining. 


For eg. if I have three products with three rate plans 


1. A Toolbar  - Flexible Toolbar Rate plan A

                       Discount Rate plan B

                       Essentials Rate plan C


2. Toolbar Essentials - Essentials Rate plan A

                                     Toolbar Flexible B

                                     Discount Rate plan C

3  CKM  -        CKM Rate plan A

                        CKM Rate plan B

                        CKM Rate plan C


When I first open the Product selector, I can see

1. A Toolbar         (Select Plan)


2. Toolbar Essentials        (Select Plan)


3  CKM         (Select Plan)


Pic 1.png

When I choose select plan, I can see the three rate plans underneath




When I search using "Toolbar", I am shown these options


1. A Toolbar  - Flexible Toolbar Rate plan A


2. Toolbar Essentials -  Toolbar Flexible B


 This is fine. 

Pic 2.png


But when I next remove the filter condition of "Toolbar" (by pressing X on the filterword), I am shown

1. A Toolbar  - Flexible Toolbar Rate plan A



2. Toolbar Essentials - Toolbar Flexible B



3  CKM  -        (Select Plan)



If I press Edit, I can see other two rate plan options as well but is there a way to ensure that we go back to the original way of seeing only SELECT PLANS. 


Pic 3.png


To return to that state, I need to refresh the page which is not what the client wants. 


Hope I've managed to clearly describe myself. 


Thanks a lot. 



Zuora Alumni

Re: Salesforce - Product Selector Page - Search button

Hi @Mayank


This is already being worked on via a Ticket.

Just to update the thread here, based  on current design, The "Edit" Link is used to display the rate plan of the product which has only 1 rate plan and "Select Plan" drop down is used to display the multiple rate plans related to the products!

The difference between the Add / Edit is that Edit gives you more details about the Rate plan such as Rate plan name, description individually in the pop down. This is the UI as designed!


Now, we have found an issue with the following scenario:

If a product has 2 Rate plans and one rateplan name contains the keyword used in the search filter while the second rate plan does not have that word in its name, when the search is performed, rateplan 1 that has the keyword gets selected by Default and the drop down does not display any more, until page is refreshed.


We are tracking this issue via COM-12989. 

will update the thread here when the time frame of the fix is determined


Thank you


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