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Renewal quote generation error


Renewal quote generation error

 A ZQType.zSubscription object can only be initialized with a zObject that has the Z_SUBSCRIPTION schema.


Any idea what would cause this error meesage?

Maggie Longshore
Zuora Alumni

Re: Renewal quote generation error

Hi Maggie,


Are you getting this from Managed package code?

Is your renewal Quote creation OOB or using Custom code ?

We might need to review this further by turning on Debug log on  your org and reproducing the error.

Can I create a Ticket and work with you on this?


Thank you

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Re: Renewal quote generation error

This is in custom code that calls zqu.zQuoteUtil.renewQuote();


I was wondering what it might mean.  I saw it in an exception log.  If it recurs I will definitely open a ticket.


We have imported accounts and subscriptions from professional services so the subscription was not created through z-quotes.


I have seen other errors with the data so am trying to be proactive on what might be wrong in the data that lead to this error.

Maggie Longshore
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