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Quote metrics not calculated for amendment quotes

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Quote metrics not calculated for amendment quotes



The quote metrics gets calculated sometimes for amended quotes and sometimes it is just blank values. Can you please let me know why the quote metrics is not getting calculated for the following customer.





  • The quote's previous Subscription is directly created in Zuora with the start and end date of "02/25/2020" and the same has been already invoiced
  • Amendment quote's start date is "15/06/2020" while the "Subscription Term Start Date" is "25/02/2020"
  • As per behavior, if the previous version is already billed, the current version should have an Invoice Target date provided to calculate the metrics since the Start Date and the Subscription Term Start Date is different
  • If the previous version is not already billed, the amendment quote will calculate the metrics for the term end date of the original subscription(25/02/2020)


So in this case, we need to provide the "Invoice target date" to calculate the metrics for the newly added product and this is by product design.

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