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Quote generation error- Found end of mail merge region 'QuoteRatePlanCharges' without matching start


Hello -- I have followed the steps in this document : https://community.zuora.com/t5/Zuora-CPQ/Receiving-quot-Insufficient-Privileges-quot-error-when-tryi...

User X is able to generate PDFs from the zuora quotes page using templates; user Y receives the following error message :

Error while generating Quote. Please contact Zuora support with the following message.

com.zuora.sync.sfdc.quote.exceptions.QuoteDocumentException: com.zuora.base.ZuoraException: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Found end of mail merge region 'QuoteRatePlanCharges' without matching start.

Please advise.



When looked at the customer's quote template used in the provided quote XXX, template 'YYY' and found that "TableStart:QuoteRatePlanCharges" is missing and that is why the issue is occurring. Please find the below screenshot.



When the customer added the tag "TableStart:QuoteRatePlanCharges" format in the template and uploaded it in the tenant, PDF generation was successful. 

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