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Quote Template Not Found - PDF Error

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Quote Template Not Found - PDF Error


1) Go to the quote.

2) Hit Generate PDF to generate this template.

3) You receive the following error: 

com.zuora.sync.sfdc.quote.MailMergeMessagedException: Quote Template not found. Please contact your Zuora System Administrator to configure your default Quote Template. (templateId: 2c92a00c6ad50f93016ad5a1716bxxxx)

Why am I receiving this error? I not only made sure the Billing Entity on the Quote Template was accurate, but also manually added it to the Quote Template lookup field on the Quote record.


184162 - template quote.JPG




Though Quote Template is available in SFDC along with the correct Billing Entity, the Zuora Tenant doesn't have any quote templates available to use.

184162 - template quote 2.JPG


SFDC might be connected to different tenant earlier and that is the reason Quote template is available in SFDC.

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