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Quote Error: JSON string exceeds heap size limit

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Quote Error: JSON string exceeds heap size limit

Problem: After Quote creation VF page on quote detail page failed to load with the error JSON string exceeds heap size limit


Solution: After reviewing the quote it was a Ramp Quote created with the following values

Ramp frequency - Specific Months and Specific Ramp Frequency - 2and Initial Term - 36, Number of charges added - 24
So total ramps will be 36/2 = 18. And here each ramp will have 24 charges. 
Total number of charges = Number of charges * ramps = 18 *24 = 432 which is greater than 100. 

Below is the recommendation from engineering.

Counting each charge per ramp segment as a charge, recommended approach would be to 
limit the quote to fewer than 100 total charges.


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