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Quote Custom fields are not populating in amendment quotes (From Parent Quote)

Zuora Staff

Quote Custom fields are not populating in amendment quotes (From Parent Quote)

Problem:  Existing quote custom fields values are not populating automatically on the creation of amendment quote.


Step 1: Install and configure the Zuora 360 package in the same org as Zuora Quotes.

Step 2: Create the custom field with the same name and data type(Same as Zuora->Subscription) on the Subscription object(Zuora__Subscription__c).

Step 3: Use below apex class.

       Note: I have provided sample custom fields in the apex class. Please use your own custom field. 

global class Zuora_DefaultValues extends zqu.CreateQuoteController.PopulateDefaultFieldValuePlugin{  
   global override void populateDefaultFieldValue(SObject record, zqu.PropertyComponentController.ParentController pcc)
      if(!Test.isRunningTest()) {
        super.populateDefaultFieldValue(record, pcc); 
      if(record.get('zqu__ExistSubscriptionID__c') != null)
          String subscriptionId = String.valueOf(record.get('zqu__ExistSubscriptionID__c'));
          Zuora__Subscription__c objSubscription =  [Select Id, BillingPeriod__c, BillingTiming__c, Zuora__External_Id__c 
                                            from Zuora__Subscription__c 
                                            where Zuora__External_Id__c =: subscriptionId];
          record.put('BillingPeriod__c', objSubscription.BillingPeriod__c);
          record.put('BillingTiming__c', objSubscription.BillingTiming__c);

Step 4: Register the apex class in Zuora Config -> Component Registration -> CreateQuote

Annotation 2020-05-01 1726291.png

Annotation 2020-05-01 1746151215999.png


Prem Anandh