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Multiple Zuora to One Salesforce

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Multiple Zuora to One Salesforce

We are considering connecting 2 zuora instances to a single instance of salesforce for a short period of time in order to test  a certain process in the only salesforce test instance that has our production data. We would have Z-Quotes pointing to one Zuora sandbox. We might move it back and forth once or twice while we are testing in order to support the needs of multiple projects. We would have Z-360 sync coming from both Zuora sandboxes.


What types of risks should we be considering here? Has anyone else tried this - what was your experience?


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Re: Multiple Zuora to One Salesforce

Connecting 2 Zuora instances at the same time is not supported and would cause many problems with sync


The proper way to do this would be to connect it to one at time, and do a full clean and resync everything each time you change the connection

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