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Re: Modifying a custom field makes the quote "updated"


Modifying a custom field makes the quote "updated"

We've added a custom field on Quote Rate Plan Charges that are for display on the quote only and won't get sent to Z-Billing. We have some rules that populate these.  When making an amendment quote this marks the parent Quote Rate Plan as "Updated". This leads to 2 issues:


1. You can now no longer remove that rate plan from the quote. The drop down option is removed.

2. If that quote is sent to Z-Billing it causes an extra amendment to be generated even though nothing actually changed.

  - e.g. you change the end date, it makes 2 amendments, one for the T&C change, and then a useless 2nd amendment for the custom field change that doesn't get sent across.




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Re: Modifying a custom field makes the quote "updated"

Hi @Nigel In your  Rule that updates the custom QRPC field, you have to make sure to filter out original charges.

I remember I had the following suggestion made to another customer that worked for them :


Added a condition to the Rule : QuoteRatePlanCharge>QuoteRatePlan>Amendment Type is not equal to Original Product to the existing 3 conditions for Recurring, One-Time and Usage charges.


Can you please implement something similar on your Rule and see how it goes


Thank you

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Re: Modifying a custom field makes the quote "updated"

Thanks - Does that mean the rule wouldn't run on lines that haven't been updated? or have i misunderstood the suggestion?  Problem is we need it on all lines - it's to calculate an overal total for the line - so list price * initial term * quantity for recurring charges and just list price * quantity for one-time charges.  There isn't an inbuilt field that gets it all correct.  So it's a calculated field - but only has meaning on the quotes side.


The rule also seems to interact badly with the Javascript plugin code that I've mentioned elsewhere, so my plan was to move this calculation there too, but then it will still have the issue of modifying a custom field.  I'll try it next week to confirm.   

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Re: Modifying a custom field makes the quote "updated"

Hello - did you ever come up with a solution for this? We have a number of rules that populate custom fields. Is the only option to not have the rule not run on Renewal/amendment quotes?