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Re: Making all charge quantities the same


Making all charge quantities the same

Hi - I'm tryng to find a way to make all the quote rate plan charges on a quote rate plan have the same quantity. We have one off charges, then one or more recurring charges on any given rate plan. If a sales rep updates the quantity of one then we'd like to update the others on that plan


I've tried a JavascriptPlugin, but when run that can only update the charge that was edited. I've tried a CustomActionPlugin for the rules engine and a QuoteRulesEnginePlugin but those can only see the current values and not the previous ones, so I can't tell which is the newly edited value that I want to change the others to. (as pre a previous question: https://community.zuora.com/t5/Zuora-CPQ/Can-QuoteRulesEnginePlugin-know-the-previous-state-of-charg... )


I've now tried adding a custom field "previous quantity" to the quote rate plan charge, and then popluate that on the first call so I can compare it when it's next changed. BUT that doesn't work because it doesn't load my custom field as it's not displayed. If I add the custome field to the Display Field Names field set (which I don't want to for obvious reasons) then it does work. So is there a way to make the product selector load a field but not display it?


or does anyone else have any other ideas I can try?


many thanks!


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Re: Making all charge quantities the same

Hi Nigel,


What version of Zuora Quotes are you on? As of Quotes 8.8.1, you should be able to modify other charges as part of the Javascript Plugin:







Re: Making all charge quantities the same

@Mikey_Zeitz Thanks for that link - do you have any links to documenation or samples that show how to do that as I can't seem to get it working

We're on version 9.1.3 of zQuotes (we only installed it recently as we're a new customer going through implementation) 

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Re: Making all charge quantities the same

Hi @Nigel  for your question in the other post   https://community.zuora.com/t5/Zuora-CPQ/Can-QuoteRulesEnginePlugin-know-the-previous-state-of-charg... ),,

I have responded back . Starting from ZQuote 9.1.1 release, you should be able to access the originalChargeGroup field of a charge group passed into the QuoteRulesEnginePlugin. Can you please try to see if this meets your use case


Thank you


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Re: Making all charge quantities the same

I've replied there to Smiley Happy However I'm still interested in that the release notes say this can be done in the javscript plugin as the code to do an update there is a lot simpler