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Re: Link to appexchange packages

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Link to appexchange packages

Does Zuora provide a list of the various versions of Z-Quotes and Z-360, or do we always have to email support to ask for links? For example, I'm looking for version 7.3 of Z-Quotes at the moment.

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Re: Link to appexchange packages



There are knowledge center articles that show the list of the upgrade path to take for Zuora Quotes and Zuora 360 when upgrading your current version.Unfortunately, the links are not publicly available. Customers can submit a ticket to our support team in order to receive the appropriate links for each build. We would need to know the current build of Quotes or 360 the customer is using, as well as the build they are upgrading to. 


Here is the link for the Zuora 360's upgrade path: 



Here is the link for the Zuora Quotes upgrade path:


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