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[KNOWN Issue]: Charges unable to sync units of measure to Zuora from Salesforce

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[KNOWN Issue]: Charges unable to sync units of measure to Zuora from Salesforce

[KNOWN Issue]: 

When syncing products from SFDC to Zuora(Bundling Enabled), Units of measure on charges aren't being sync'd to Zuora.

Salesforce charge 2c92a0fe6217d56d016226a3b0xxxxx UOM was updated to "GB", and was synced to Zuora.
In Zuora the corresponding charge still has a UOM of "Each". 




  • Go to "Customize Unit of Measures" in Zuora and hover over "Edit" on the required UOM. In this case, it should be GB. We will see the UOM Id at the below of the page. Unfortunately, we need to pick up the ID manually by taking a screenshot


  • Run the below query in the Developer console in SFDC. Replace the where condition ID, with your YOUR PRODUCT RATE PLAN CHARGE ID FROM SFDC
    select id,name,zqu__UOM__c,zqu__ZUnitOfMeasure__c,zqu__ZUom_Id__c from zqu__ProductRatePlanCharge__c where id = 'YOUR PRODUCT RATE PLAN CHARGE ID FROM SFDC'
  • Update the zqu__ZUom_Id__c field with the ID for the UOM you want to update which you took from Zuora
  • Click on the Save Rows button once the ID is updated.
  • Check in the UI, if the required UOM is successfully changed

If the above steps are completed, now perform a sync to Zuora to see if UOM is updated in Zuora.


Status: Engineering team is already aware of the issue and working on a fix

Reference Number: SUB-7726


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