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Invoice Owner on Quote follow up


Invoice Owner on Quote follow up

I have a follow-up question to Invoice-Owner-is-not-passing-correct-values-to-Zuora-via-Zuora.

When the Subscription has a Subscription Owner and a separate Invoice Owner, I expected that when amend and renewal quotes are generated by the Quote Wizard that the Bill To Contact would be the Bill To Contact from the Invoice Owner Customer Account.


But this is not the case, the Bill To Contact populated on the quote belongs to the Subscription Owner,  This is not where the Bill is supposed to go for the subscription that has a different Invoice Owner.


As I am not an Accountant my assumption may be wrong here so please explain.


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Maggie Longshore
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Re: Invoice Owner on Quote follow up

We see the same behaviour as you which I never considered "wrong". I simply think of it that both the subscription owner AND the invoice owner have both a bill to and a sold to contact.


The quote displays the bill to / sold to for the subscription owner, and additionally which account is the invoice owner.


Aside - I think it would be really useful if Zuora exposed more details about the invoice owner at this point - generally, the account name isn't really enough and we had to customise the invoice owner selection screen show it showed details about the bill to / sold to contact. 


In this scenario, the subscription owner bill to contact is rather moot. But we do find our resellers have both a sold to (the person making the sale) and a bill to (their accounts department). We then send different notifications to various combinations of those contacts as required.