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'Invalid operator' error in Zuora Quotes

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'Invalid operator' error in Zuora Quotes


Question : 

The Customer is getting an 'invalid operator' error in Zuora Quotes when trying to generate a quote.


Solution :


In this case, the issue was due to not having any value in the Start date field.

I noticed you do not have the field Start Date added to the fieldset. 

To add the Start Date to the Create Quote Page please add it to the Fieldset by following the below steps:"

Setup--> Create--> Quote--->Quote Field Sets---> and click on Edit next to the Subscription Terms & Conditions for New Subscription Quote: Subscription Terms Section --->  Drag and Drop the Start Date  in  the Field Set. 

Once added to the Field Set kindly populate the Start Date and continue to create the Quote and you can add the Add products without any' invalid operator' error.

Please make sure to have  this field as it is a required field in create Quote process