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How to use IF condition for a field not in the table in quote template

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How to use IF condition for a field not in the table in quote template



We'd like to have specific language appear on our quote templates when a specific product is quoted. I've been able to successfully use IF statements on mail merge fields for Quote object fields, but I'm unsure how to do this on the Quote Charge Summary level. Basically, when a certain product is quoted, we want the text to appear. But my understanding is that ChargeSummary merge fields can only be successfully mapped into a template when they are a part of a table (after TableStart:ChargeSummaries tag). Will this be the case in this instance, if the field I'm referencing in the template is not on a table?



We can use the same charge summary table itself to achieve the customer's IF condition result and below is the explanation on how to do it:

  • In the template, select the ChargeSummary.RatePlanName field
  • Go to "Insert" tab and select Links>Bookmark
  • Provide a name to the Bookmark and save it
  • Now, navigate to the place where you want to refer it in the template
  • Inside the IF condition, click on insert Field(usual mergefield inserting format)>select REF(instead of Mergefield) and select the one you referenced earlier
  • And by using normal IF condition, enter the criteria, true & false values in the IF condition

Below are some of the screenshots for the above steps:






Attached the sample template for reference.

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