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Re: How to print an pdf invoice from salesforce

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Re: How to print an pdf invoice from salesforce

Just to update this thread, the issue is resolved after setting the correct username/password in zuora 360 connection setting on saleforce end. View Invoice PDF looks at and makes use of this specific connection setting 

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Re: How to print an pdf invoice from salesforce

Hi @doyeli, this issue is occurring again for just one of our users. She isn't a Zuora user, but often downloads PDFs from Salesforce. It brings her to the Zuora login screen rather than downloading the PDF. A few things we've investigated:


1. it seems to be a local issue - I had her log into her Salesforce account on my computer and download a PDF and it worked fine

2. We've tried clearing cache and cookies, and tried using both Chrome and Safari. We've also tried Chrome incognito mode.


Any ideas what else we can try here? I'm out of ideas on how to troubleshoot this issue as it's only happening on one computer.


UPDATE: it's actually happening for every user in our org except for me, but it works fine if they log into their Salesforce account from my computer. Very strange behavior.