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How to generate tiered pricing on Renewal templates

When a renewal quote is created in Salesforce the data model does NOT create QRPC and QRPC Tier records. We know it does create the Quote Charge Summary. For my renewal templates, since Renewals do NOT create the tier records AND the Quota Charge Summary does not have tiered pricing, thus the template has nothing to reference when it is being generated. How are customers surfacing the tiered pricing information in order to generate it on a template for manually renewing customers can sign and see all the information they would see if it was a new customer.

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Re: How to generate tiered pricing on Renewal templates

@dankvmware Renewal quotes does not generate quote rate plan charge and hence quote rate plan charge tiers as you already hihglighted. Hence for renewal quotes there is no record created to refer to tiers. In quote template you can create different formats for renewal type quotes using the conditional formatting in template.

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Re: How to generate tiered pricing on Renewal templates

I am aware of the conditional formatting within the template. I tried using the Quote Summary but that does not give me enough information around pricing for tiered products. How can I get the pricing information that the Customer agreed to originally on the New Subscription Quote? The Quote Charge Summary serves up some of this information for flat pricing, but I do not see ANY information on the Quote Charge Summary for tiered pricing. How are other customers addressing this issue? I have seen other posts but no definitive work around. To me this is a major data model flaw to no recreate the same objects/records on renewals that are created on New Subscriptions. Our customers need to see the pricing data they are signing off on for NON auto-renew contracts.