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How to display custom quote fields on quote template

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How to display custom quote fields on quote template



I want to display the invoice owner and invoice owner address on a printed quote. I am using word for Mac and not having luck using the merge fields. How do I properly set up my merge fields on the quote template to display the field values?

Quote Template being used: test, template ID 2c92c0f96b4f8a98016b68dd6eexxxxx

Fields to display on quote:
Invoice Owner, API name zqu__InvoiceOwnerName__c
Invoice Owner Address 2, API name Invoice_Owner_Address_2__c



After analyzing the quote template and found that there is no object specified in the fields from the quote object.



Since the fields are related to Quote object, we need to specify the mergefields as below format:



 Once correct merge fields are used, the quote template is populated with the requested fields.

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