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How to default the Quote Type or Billing Account type in the quote flow

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How to default the Quote Type or Billing Account type in the quote flow

Requirement: During quote creation flow in Quote Type always defaults to  "New subscription" in this case the customer wants to set the Quote Type to "Amend an Existing Subscription" by default. 


Solution: To achieve this we need to use the SelectBillingAccount component. Please refer to below Knowledge Article for more details. 


Below is the modified sample code for this requirement. 


global class SampleSelectBillingAccountPlugin2 implements 
    zqu.SelectBillingAccountComponentOptions.ICustomizeBillingAccountPlugin {

    global zqu.JSRemoteController.BillingAccountObjects
            zqu.JSRemoteController.BillingAccountObjects accountObjs){

        return accountObjs;

    global zqu.JSRemoteController.QuoteTypeObjects
            zqu.JSRemoteController.QuoteTypeObjects quoteTypeObjs){

        // Set the default quote type to 'amend'
        quoteTypeObjs.defaultQuoteType = 'amend';

        return quoteTypeObjs;

 global zqu.JSRemoteController.SubscriptionObjects
        zqu.JSRemoteController.SubscriptionObjects subscriptionObjs){

      return subscriptionObjs;


Please note, you can use SelectBillingAccount component to remove or default quote types / Billing Account. 


Example use cases:

1.  Display only "New Billing Account" 

2.  Display only "Existing Billing Account" 

3. Default the Quote Types to either Amend , Renew, Cancel

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