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How to add product to zQuote via Rest API ?

Hy everyone, 

I'm a little confused with Saleforce end Zuora linking.

In SalesForce I have a ZQuote Object whith no fields to link with products, but there is a Quote object( from saleforce directly) which have QuoteLineItems to write product line in a quote.


But how add Zuora Product with Rate Plan in a ZQuote whitout graphic interface and directly throught REST API ?

Can we add it in zuora api and linking with Saleforce quote with subscription ID ?

Or can we do it directly with Salesforce API and Salesforce Object (Zproduct, Zquote, ...) ?


Thanks you for your help, because i'm a pretty lost Smiley Very Happy

Sorry for my english


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Re: How to add product to zQuote via Rest API ?

Hi @rprevot I understand you have a Ticket with Zuora support on this same request and have been working with @Vishala 

Vishala will capture the complete REST API request from Debug log while creating a quote with few product charges using UI and send you that information. You need to refer to that REST API request to build your own call


Thank you


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