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Getting error when send to zbilling

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Getting error when send to zbilling

INC0051549 | ServiceNow

  • (convert2ZChargeGroup) Exception while converting to ChargeGroup.:System.NullPointerException:Attempt to de-reference a null object:Class.zqu.zQuoteUtilHelper.convert2ZChargeGroup: line 1207, column 1 Class.zqu.zQuoteUtilHelper.applyAmendedCharges: line 937, column 1 Class.zqu.zQuoteUtilHelper.getChargeGroupsForAmendSubscription: line 886, column 1 Class.zqu.zQuoteUtilHelper.getChargeGroups: line 692, column 1 Class.zqu.zQuoteUtil.getChargeGroups: line 29, column 1 Class.zqu.QuoteProductHandler.__sfdc_chargeGroups: line 6, column 1 Class.zqu.QuoteProductHandler.getProductsFromSalesforce: line 29, column 1 Class.zqu.AmendmentQuoteProductHandler.getProductsFromZuoraAndSalesforce: line 23, column 1 Class.zqu.AmendmentQuoteProductHandler.initializeQuoteProducts: line 18, column 1 Class.zqu.Quote.initQuoteProducts: line 510, column 1 Class.zqu.Quote.getInstance: line 503, column 1 Class.zqu.CpqSelectProductController.initialSelectProductComponent: line 508, column 1 Class.zqu.CpqSelectProductController.__sfdc_theOptions: line 210, column 1
    Error is in expression '{!theOptions}' in component <zqu:cpqselectproduct> in component zqu:cpqselectproduct
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Re: Getting error when send to zbilling

Hi Alok, 


Could you send me the example quote where you see this error, Send the Salesforce ORG ID and grant Zuora access. If you IM me these details , I can review this further!

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