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Generate PDF and Generate Word for Quotes Button not working

These were working fine till Friday and now when we go to 'Generate PDF' or 'Generate Word' from the Z Quote section in Salesforce the Rate Plan, Charge, Seats, and Price Per Billing Period sections of the quote generated is blank. Anyone have any idea what the problem might be?


Thanks, Roger


Re: Generate PDF and Generate Word for Quotes Button not working

@Retreever have there been any recent changes to your quote templates or the template config in Salesforce?


Do you have multiple templates or just one? Do you have any advanced conditional statements in your template? Have you changed Salesforce config recently (i.e. permissions, managed packages, custom fields, etc)

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Re: Generate PDF and Generate Word for Quotes Button not working

Hi Feisley, no recent changes in Salesforce to quote templates or quote config, we have multiple templates - no advanced conditional statements .


It's been almost 2 weeks now and we've yet to hear anything from Zuora Support  where I also logged a case. My client is not happy and thinking of dumping Zuora.


Regards, Roger


Re: Generate PDF and Generate Word for Quotes Button not working

@Retreever I am sorry to hear you are still having issues. Given that it sounds that your quote template is not overly complex and that I can confirm that our very complex template is still working, it doesnt seem like there is an issue with the Zuora quote generation service itself (if there were I would imagine i would also be seeing issues in our environment).


Are any of your other templates working properly or are all now malfunctioning?.


You may want to try uploading the Zuora native quote template (i.e. the sample) and try rendering a quote with that just to test and see if the values are populated. If they are then the issue is probably with the template if they dont, then it might be time to check Salesforce. For example if a password changed/expired it could be preventing API access to get the values or if someone updated a package or changed the permissions without your knowledge (not sure if there are other users with admin access).


Hope these ideas give you a few things to check.

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Re: Generate PDF and Generate Word for Quotes Button not working


Hi @Retreever, Sorry for the inconvenience . This is Doyeli and I actaully responded back to you from the Ticket.

As I mentioned, I reviewed your example Quote that was  a Renewal Quote, where a product was removed as part of this renewal.

I reviewed the  Quote template that is used for this Quote to generate PDF.
I downloaded this Template from your Zuora tenant and reviewed the merge fields being used for Seats, and Price Per Billing Period sections. These mergefields are taken from QuoteRatePlanCharge Object




Since this is a remove product Renewal Quote, there was no Quote rate Plan charge records created for this, hence the above two merge fields did not display any value


I see you responded back "the issue is not with the record in Salesforce but the PDF document".

Please note that the PDF document will display/generate  the values from the actual record itself.

In this case , the way your template is created, it will display the values of " Quantity" and "EffectivePrice" fields from QuoteRatePlanCharge object.

But, for this specific Quote which is just a remove product amendment, NO Quote rate plan charge record is created, hence the field values on the PDF are blank.


Let's please communicare thru the Ticket  and I wil update the thread here when the Ticket is resolved


Thank you @feisley very much for your help




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