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Error on Renewal Quote , "Term and Condition start date should be: XXXX"


Customer was receiving error ,"Term and Condition start date should be:2019-09-30" when creating an Renewal Quote on Quote detail page

On running the below query

select zqu__ExistSubscriptionID__c from zqu__Quote__c where id='xxx', it has been found that the version of subscription on which quote is built is not  latest version and is expired


This is because Get Subscriptions From 360 has been enabled in Quote configuarion settings. WIth this enabled,Subscription information is directly retrieved from Zuora 360 in Salesforce when creating quote. 


When latest  version of subscription is created in Zuora, it was not synced sucessfully to salesforce and hence still when Quote is built, it is using old version



Initiate a sync and ensure that latest version of subscription is synced to salesforce

Recreate the Quote again on this latest version and error will no longer be thrown

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