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Error on Edit products "Values used in Arithmetic formulas cannot be null​"

Problem: Customer is using calculated values as part of Zuroa Rules and when they are on the Edit Products page they received.rules null error.png

Solution: The error will occur if the filed used in the calculated value has a null value.

For Example, I have a calculated rule to use Quantity filed on Quote rate plan charge as below

calculated values.PNG


But the selected product has quantity as null as shown below

 rule product.png


So you will receive the error stating "Values used in Arithmetic formulas cannot be null​".

Please modify your rules to refer to the correct value or add a filter to verify the field value before the calculated values executed.

Also, If you are trying to update a product for Ex: Impressions then it should be there in the filter mentioned in the conditions section as well.

If you are filtering one product and trying to update another product, then also you will receive this error.

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