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Error:The remove date should not before the most recent invoice date [2019-06-01].


Customer received below error message on Quote metrics 

The remove date should not before the most recent invoice date [2019-06-01].

With orders enabled, The Charge Remove date on the Removed products is from the Contract Effective date of the previous subscription. In this case, It is 2018-09-01



Previous subscriptionRemovecharge2.png

We have enabled the debug log and found that the error is thrown from below Zuora class


if (c.isUsageCharge()) { // not need to check the last pt date for onetime&recurring charge
            Date lastPt = c.computeLastPt();
            if (lastPt != null && UtilTools.before(removeAt, lastPt)) {
                throw new ValidateException(Localizer.getMessage("The remove date should not before the most recent invoice date [" + lastPt.toString() + "].",
                        "Subs.ChargeRemovedAfterInvoiceDate", lastPt.toString()));

As per above code, this error will occur if you remove a usage charge which is already invoiced and the charge removed date is earlier than the process through date.
I verified the Process Through the date for the removed charges and it is [2019-06-01].
As we can see contract effective date [09/01/2018] is earlier than Process through date[latest invoice date][2019-06-01] we got below error.

Refer Below KC to find out more about LastInvoiceDate





To solve this error we need to change the Charge remove date.To change the charge remove date you need to follow below steps.
1. Add Quote Amendment related list to the quote detail page layout Or run below query in the developer console to find the records.

select id,name,createdDate, zqu__ContractEffectiveDate__c,zqu__Type__c from zqu__QuoteAmendment__c where zqu__quote__c ='a5r0c000000bn3L'

2. Find the records with the type RemoveProduct and change the contract effective date to later than 2019-06-01 and save.
3. Now please refresh the quote metrics and see if the error is resolved.

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