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Display prorated line item

Our Zquote is not showing the correct amount for a subscription that includes a prorated month. The way our system works, when a customer signs up they are charged for the rest of the current month and the whole next month up front. The Quote.Previewed_SubTotal is calculating the amount correctly, however the QuoteRatePlanCharge.Total is not including the prorated amout, it is only showing the full month.


How do I get the prorated amount to display on the quote? Ideally I would like to include the dates of the charge so the customer isn't confused as to why the amounts differ.

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Re: Display prorated line item

Hi @brad1,


It looks like you're working with @adam on this. If either of you could share the resolution here in the community in case others have the same issue, that'd be awesome!


Hope you're having a great start to 2017!



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