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Re: DX with Zuora managed packages


Re: DX with Zuora managed packages

@MaggieL awesome notes, looking forward to giving this a try myself.


On the subject of testing and scripting... @eric-neto it would be super helpful for test automation to be able to programatically inject the WSDL into the environment in test cases (since normally this is done via the UI, we would otherwise have to make all org data visible to tests which is a) bad practice and b) slower performance wise. Not to speak too much about internals i am unfamiliar with, but it seems like this would be a relatively simple change (and safe since it only impacts testability) and would be a huge win for those of us that make frequent customizations via Apex and have to wrestle with testing it.

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Re: DX with Zuora managed packages

Thank you @maggie @feisley.

Hi @feisley was wondering if you could please post this comment in the IDEAS section as well, as that has the direct visibility of our PM


Thank you


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