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Custom fields not populating in amend/renew quotes

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Custom fields not populating in amend/renew quotes


I am unable to see any SKUs in the existing subscrition that I am trying to amend. The SKU was added via: Quote Rate Plan Charge (Managed) -> Display Charge Fields




To display custom charge fields for original products in Amendment or Renewal quotes:

  1. Install and configure the Zuora 360 package in the same org as Zuora Quotes.
  2. Create the custom field with the same name and data type on the Subscription Product & Charge object.
  3. Add the custom field to the SubscriptionCharges (Zuora__fields_for_select_billing_account_compon) field set of the Subscription Product & Charge object.
  4. Perform a 360 Sync from Zuora.

Steps to be followed:

  • Create a custom field SKU with TEXT as a data type in Subscription Rate Plan Charge object in Zuora and in Quote Rate Plan Charges/Subscription Product & Charge objects
  • Add the field to the below fieldsets


Object Name Fieldset
  • Quote Rate Plan Charges
  • Custom Charge Fields
  • Display Charge Fields
  • Subscription Product & Charge
  • SubscriptionCharges


  • Create a simple workflow to update the custom SKU field value of Quote Rate Plan Charges object. Formula should be "zqu__ProductRatePlanCharge__r.zqu__ProductRatePlan__r.zqu__Product__r.zqu__SKU2__c"

Now create a New Subscription Quote, custom SKU will be populated > Send it to Zuora > Subscription will be created and the value will be populated in Zuora as well > Once the Subscription is synced back to SFDC, create a amend quote and you can see the custom SKU field will be populated.

KC article reference - https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/CA_Commerce/C_Zuora_Quotes/CA_Configuring_Z-Force_Quotes/C_Configu...

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