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Change Bill To/Ship To Address Data programatically before sending Quotes to Z-Billing?

I am trying to figure out if there are any built-in methods or classes/fields within the Zuora CPQ suite that would allow me to change the Bill To/Ship To Address Data on a Quote prior to sending it to Z-Billing.


Long Story Short: Zuora requires a Bill To/Ship To contact in our setup, and we are trying to move to the native single contact system (Related Contacts) in Salesforce that was released a few years ago. Problem is, since Zuora uses Contacts for Bill To/Ship To, if the Contact is related to multiple accounts then that means the Contacts Mailing Address will not be the correct business address when sending the data to Zuora.


So, I'd like to "catch" that transaction in Apex before its Sent to Z-Billing (if possible), and override the Bill To and Ship To Address data with the Billing and Shipping Address info from the Account that the quote is related to. We already use Apex to send the quotes to Zuora using the zQuoteUtil.SendToZBilling method to send our quotes to Zuora, so I was hoping I could just modify something in the Quote Collection or Quote Request prior to sending, but I am coming up empty.


I know that I could do a separate API call afterwards to change the address data on the contact(s) once the quote is sent to Z-Billing, but I was trying to avoid that if possible since it opens the door for more risk of failure.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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Re: Change Bill To/Ship To Address Data programatically before sending Quotes to Z-Billing?

Hi @mmarchese sorry for the delay in responding.

Unfortunatley I am not aware of any global method available to do this.




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