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Cases when Z360 creates new object in Salesforce

I know whenever a Subscription has a new version that the SF record for Zuora__Subscription__c is deleted and a new one is inserted with the new version.


I have noticed that the 360 sync (that we run every 2 hours) sometimes does bulk inserts on subscriptions that are not new versions and sometimes it performs bulk updates to them. The inserts I looked at recently were all cancelled subscriptions (not newly cancelled).


Are there rules as to when a new record is created during the sync when there is no subscription version change?

Maggie Longshore
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Re: Cases when Z360 creates new object in Salesforce

Hi @MaggieL,


Real Time Sync monitors and listens to the record changes in Zuora database and synchronizes changed records to Salesforce once the number of record change events reaches the configured threshold. 

I can see you have mentioned the reported behaviour is only in case of Cancelled Subscription, could you please let me know if these subscriptions have cancellation date in future or if any change in details of subscription or custom fields of subscription.


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Re: Cases when Z360 creates new object in Salesforce

The cancelled ones I saw were in the past and I have no way of knowing if anything changed. I suspect nothing changed.


I do not know if it only occurs for canceled ones these are just the ones i saw.


I am not talking about real-time sync - I am referring to the periodic one that runs on a schedule.


Maggie Longshore