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Can we Enable Multi Entity Later after Go Live

Savvy Scholar

Can we Enable Multi Entity Later after Go Live

Can we enable Multi-Entity after go live?

We plan to integrate Zuora with SalesForce. Is there any requirement that the Multi-Entity functionality should also be enabled in SalesForce?

Pls advise.




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Re: Can we Enable Multi Entity Later after Go Live

Hey Jayaram,


Thank you for contacting us. Yes, you can enable Multi-Entity anytime after going live. It purely depends on when you need it.


Some additional documents:




Regarding your second question, It's not mandatory to enable Multi-Entity in SFDC, but it is advised to do so in order to continue the flow working as expected. Below are some of the issues from the past:


  • Community for one of the Issue
  • com.zuora.sync.sfdc.quote.MailMergeMessagedException: Quote Template not found. Please contact your Zuora System Administrator to configure your default Quote Template.
  • Assertion Failed: With Multi-Entity enabled, callouts cannot be made without setting an Entity ID.
    Error is in expression '{!onPageLoad}' in component <apex:page> in page zqu:quoteoption: (zqu)


To enable Multi-Entity in SFDC, please follow this document Support Multi-entity in Zuora CPQ.


Hope this helps. Please reach out to us if you have any further queries.

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Savvy Scholar

Re: Can we Enable Multi Entity Later after Go Live

Hi Raj,

Thanks for you reply and the notes, they are very helpful. I will go through those in detail.