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Re: insufficient Salesforce to Zuora Product Catalog sync filters

insufficient Salesforce to Zuora Product Catalog sync filters

When you have a large global product catalog in salesforce, not all products are active or need to be synced to the Zuora product catalog. There is no way to designate such products, and any update to those products in salesforce will cause a trigger to move them to "updated" status in the catalog sync and zquotes will attempt to sync them with the other products.


I would like a way to filter product catalog sync better, perhaps by designating Zuora eligible products in the salesforce product catalog. In my case, the global organization has not implemented the Zuora product catalog hierarchy and we have thousands of products that will not sync to Zuora and there is no way to filter them out of the product catalog sync so that I can sync the products that actually need to go to Zuora.


When you combine this with the restriction to sync only 100 of the 7000 products at a time (due to a poor pagination technique) this means that keeping the Zuora product catalog up to date is an unmanagable task because the products that error out never leave the "updated" filter and I can't change their sync status through the salesforce API without the trigger changing the status back to "updated."

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I have discovered a workaround for zquotes 7.1.3. I create a record in zqu__Catalog_Sync_History__c and then update the Product2.zqu__Catalog_Sync_History__c field so that I can filter the sync application on that new sync history record. Still only able to do 100 at a time and I have to use the API to update the field each time I have a new subset of products to sync, but at least I can sync.
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Interesting thanks Ben, Ill keep this in mind, obviously not ideal but maybe an ok workaround until we can get in proper filtering at Product level.

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+1 on this, having an additional filter or a way to filter the products that you wish to sync is an absolute necessity if you are planning on using the SF products as the primary source.  If you are planning on using bundling, it is required for you to manage products from SF and sync to Zuora.

Filters that we would find useful are:

  • Product (or RP, RPC, etc) creation date (Allows the user to see any records that have been recently created)
  • Created by (Allows users to see any records a certain user has created)
  • Last Modified Date (Allows users to see any records that have recently been modified)