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ability to add new additional contacts on Quotes

There a button to update the contacts via a Quote but there's no way to add a new contact on a quote.   If there is only 1 contact in zuora for the Bill To / Sold To you can't change the Bill To contact to a new contact without also changing the information on the Sold To as well because it's the same contact ID in Zuora.  If you want 2 contacts, 1 for Bill and another for Sold, you have to create that contact in Zuora and update references on the Zuora Account. We would like to do this on the Quote.

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You can Create A Button On Salesforce For Creating a record with the information coming from Account ID. 

You can Use this button everywhere on salesforce, also in a Managed page like ZQuote.


I Did it on ZQuote It works very well. The only one problem is that you cannot use this button on The Layout "New Subscription", only in "Edit Quote" "Quote Detail".