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Re: Zuora to Salesforce CPQ Product Sync

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Zuora to Salesforce CPQ Product Sync



I am exploring the integration between Zuora and Salesforce CPQ. As I understood from knowledge center and some posts in communities (salesforce cpq and zuora both) that products should be duplicated in Salesforce CPQ to match to Zuora Product structure. In Zuora we have Product on top then multiple rate plans and then three type of charges under each rate plan. So if I have to add a rate plan with three charges under it (One Time, Recurrin and Usage), I will have to create three products keeping same Zuora Product Id, same rate plan id in PriceBook Entry but different charge preferences and sync those one by one to Zuora.


In Zuora we just have to select a product and a rate plan but in CPQ we have created multiple product corresponding to different charges so how do we select products in CPQ? User has to select all the products one by one or we have to bundle those in one product? Smiley Sad


Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.


Support SME
Support SME

Are you asking the case below?


You already have a product in your Zuora tenant. Now, you would like to use CPQ Zuora connector in your SFDC. To follow the KC doc, product catalog sync is only allowed from SFDC to Zuora tenant. So probably the existing product in Zuora tenant would not be available while creating a quote in SFDC CPQ environment. How can we handle this case? Do I need to create the prdoct/rate plan/charges in SFDC then push/sync it to Zuora tenant with CPQ Zuora connector?


My apology for I have not made this testing. I would like suggest you to file a tikcet to support@zuora.com to discuss it further.

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Most customers will bundle the Salesoforce Products to represent Products as if they were in a Rate Plan/Charge structure.   However the question you are asking is more a CPQ configuration question not a Connector question.