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Zuora Connector for Salesforce CPQ - Custom Price Field for Pricing Calculation

In order to allow for fuller flexibility in what price the connector is using, it would be easier to use an editable custom price field rather than rely entirely on the `Customer Price` in CPQ. There are a couple use cases that this approach would help solve namely:


  • The Customer Price field does not account for any Partner or Distributor discounts that are applied. The Partner/Distrbutor discounts are native discount fields in CPQ and I imagine most Zuora customers are looking to send their partners an invoice that reflects that discount.
  • The current approach with backing into a per unit price from using Customer price / Prorate Multiplier will not always be accurate. The Prorate Multiplier field is rounded to 4 decimal points and the Customer Price is rounded to 2 decimal points as CPQ managed fields. We've had an example where the expected billed price in Zuora is $200 dollars but using a Customer Price of $127.67 and a Prorate Multiplier of .6384 results in a unit price of $199.98 being used instead. 

It's much less work to use workflows to get the right value in a editable custom field that's part of the Zuora managed package without overwriting CPQ pricing fields in a way that's not intended.