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Zuora 360 should not replicate deleted data, should allow managing deleted data

Currently Zuora replicates deleted entries in its product catalog and makes them visible (not deleted) in SF.  Zuora should not replicate deleted items, or if it must due to data integrity, they should also be deleted items in SF.


If Zuora is going to use soft deletes, it is IMPERATIVE that a recycle bin or undelete functionality be included in the product.



This is also frustrating for us as well. We had some bad imports during implementation and those products are still being sync'd over. It would be nice to be able to purge them completely from the system (especially in this case since we know there are no references to them from quotes or other objects)


Agreed. Perhaps it should be a configurable option in the Zuora Product catalog sync. It can certainly add a lot of bloat to the sync.