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Re: Update custom fields to null in SFDC through Z-360 sync

Update custom fields to null in SFDC through Z-360 sync

Blank fields are not syncing with SFDC when a custom field is updated to null/blank in Zuora - this is a known issue that needs to be fixed for data integrity.


Having it configurable would be fine with us. Thanks.

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Standard Zuora fields will not update to null or empty string in SFDC either. For example, if you clear out the description in a product rate plan, the zqu__productrateplan__c object will still contain the old data in the description field. Is there any roadmap for having this feature available?


@Liangqi what's the update on this? 7 months ago was your last comment when you said you would get back to us soon on the progress?



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@GregT Will confirm as the new owner of Data Connect but I believe this is resolved in Data Connect (our new Sync) for the current objects it supports.

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@nathancHow do we implement Data Connect? Is it a complete replacement for https://www.zuora.com/apps/SfdcSync.do?

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Eventually, but right now it only syncs Invoices, Invoice Items, Taxation Items.  Pretty sure we talked about it a while ago 🙂  It's a new PM for that product line, @GregT feel free to get in touch.


@GregT what's the latest status of Data Connect and how soon until it fully replaces the current 360 sync functionality? 

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Hi @Jamie Data Connect is still work in progress. Following article documents the list of Objects (and fields) that are supported by Data Connect at this point




Thank you

Zuora Support

A customer reported this issue with Billing Account object as follows. So it would be good that Billing Account will be supported by 360+ Sync asap.

Our customer is seeing an issue when the BillTo/SoldTo contact is updated on the Zuora account with Empty address fields. The old address is not substituted with empty address information on Salesforce Billing account

Steps To recreate:
1. Existing Zuora account and Salesforce Billing account with billTo/SoldTo
2. Create a new contact in Zuora and assign it as BillTo -> Do not populate any of the address fields
3. The 360 sync updates the BillTo contact name on the Salesforce Billing account
4. But the address field in Salesforce Billing account remains old