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Re: Sync the Charge Price field from Zuora to Salesforce

Sync the Charge Price field from Zuora to Salesforce

Zuora currently syncs the Charge Price to Salesforce if the Charge Type = Recurring and Charge Model = Flat Fee Pricing.


However, if the Charge Type = Usage and the Charge Model = Flat Fee Pricing, Zuora does not sync the Charge Price to Salesforce.


We need to run performance reports in Salesforce showing the total monthly charge amount for all flat fee usage devices and recurring charges.

Support SME

Hello @markc789


I have done a quick test and in my case, Usage Flat Fee charges are definitely getting synced to Salesforce.
Could you point out on a screenshot from your own org where the charge seems to be missing from? Thanks!
Savvy Scholar

Hello Viktor,

See screen print below.  We don't use Zuora Quotes.  We want to be able to use the Subscription Product and Charge record in Salesforce for our reporting on Price.  I entered a support ticket this morning for this issue. Support incident ID is 84360.





Support SME
I see, thank you for confirming. We will definitely take a closer look at #84360!
Savvy Scholar

According to Zuora on our support case # 84360, we would need to submit this as an enhancement to product management.  Support confirmed that the Charge price is not synced for any Usage charge types.


Please add this feature.