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Re: Support translations in Quote templates

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Support translations in Quote templates

Unfortunately it's not possible for Z-Quotes users to take advantage of multilingual capabilities of invoice templates in order to reduce rate plan proliferation because Z-Quotes template engine doesn't support translations like invoice templates do.


When will Quote templates support multi-lingual support be brought into Zuora for Salesforce (Quote templates rendering)?

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Hey Mike,


Actually the team is flat out completing Orders integration at the moment.  Im hoping we can pivot back to items like this in 2-3 months where we can invest back into the core Quotes product.  Another example is moving the product to using REST APIs from Zuora, where all new functionality is being built and not necessarily in SOAP.


Ah alas, if only the REST API could properly implement setting the Default Payment Method Id properly to a non-credit card payment method type I'd be happy. But I wrote about that ages ago. Maybe then I'd recommend using the REST API, for now, I stick with the SOAP API on creating accounts / subscribe calls, until zuora sort out the REST API.


Any news on this one though? Is it on the roadmap now?


Hi Nathan,


Did you get a chance to look into i18n on Quote templates? It came up the other day in one of out IT meetings around the pro's and cons of Zuora CPQ.

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We are going to release full Orders support in Quotes 9.0 in November which has been our focus up till now.  After that we plan to switch to a high volume quoting initiative where you can add many more lines to a Quote without triggering Salesforce limits.


Unfortunately Templates had to be shelved for the remainder of this year in terms of a big investment.


Could you explain more about the i18n support you are referring to and how that compares to Invoice Templates? If its something easy/small we can consider it.


Hi any update on this topic?


Generally what we need is Product.Name, RatePlan.Name, RatePlanCharge.Name and RatePlanCharge.Description in different languages.

Using the translation module for the invoice can be fine as we have one file to maintain.

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