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Standard Zuora fields on objects not available on Quote object in Zuora CPQ for Salesforce

The following Zuora fields are critical in any implementation using either Invoice Settlement feature or Sequence Sets in Billing: Account.SequenceSetId Account.CreditMemoTemplateId Account.DebitMemoTemplateId However these fields do not exist anywhere on the zqu__Quote__c object in Salesforce, nor are they available on any other objects where we can add these fields to Field Sets. And since custom salesforce fields cannot map to Standard Zuora fields, there is absolutely no workaround for this. So basically this means, that if you are using Zuora CPQ and have Zuora's Invoice Settlement feature activated, you cannot use Zuora Quotes in Salesforce because it's impossible for the Sales user to choose the correct Credit or Debit Memo Template. Similarly, if you are using sequence sets, it's impossible for users to define the correct Sequence Set on the Quote in Salesforce. This is not compliant with many international internal revenue authority regulations.