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Re: Sort ProductRatePlans in Guided Selling Product Selector of Zuora for Salesforce Quotes

Sort ProductRatePlans in Guided Selling Product Selector of Zuora for Salesforce Quotes

We'd like to be able to sort by a custom or standard field in the product selection detail page.

Currently, there are plugins available to allow this in the steps of the guided selling flows, but after the products are added to the quote there is no way to sort which rate plans appear in which order.

This is useful for use cases where the user needs to specify values in one rateplan that help determine values in another rateplan (for example, if the quantity entered on a recurring charge should be set to the included units of a separate charge, or if the tier-calculated price should be copied to a related charge).

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Our use-case is about consistency of using the product. For example we have say 40 products a sales person can select. Each of those has 3 rate plans that are the same for each product (eg a standard price rate plan, a discount rate plan and a returning customer rate plan). However there's no way to control the order in which they appear in the product selector. For example if in 90% of cases the "standard rate plan" appears at the top and that's where the sales person is used to clicking, then in the other 10% of products there's a high risk they would select the wrong one.

As it happens the one they need to select is at the bottom and they need to scroll to get to it which is not ideal.

Whilst only a UX type issue, it does feel like something that's reasonably easy to fix.

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Great comments @TrixabelleCP as that is the exact scenario what we are encountering as well and we want to be able to set the expectation that there is a certain order on how rate plans appear in the guided selling.  Right now we have set a prefix to each rate plan to assist on this.  But as soon as we introduce a new tier, we have to update all the rate plan names, which is time consuming.