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Retrieve List Price from subscription rate plan charge for Amendments and Renewals

Currently when an Amendment or a Renewal quote is created, the CPQ package retrieves the List Price from Product Catalog (PRPC) , rather than from the subscription rate plan charge.


In the example below, the product rate plan has an annual list price of $ 5000 . This was overridden to be sold with a Quarterly price of $1250 and a discount of 12% to make effective price $ 1100




Now at the time of renewal/amendment the List Price is being pulled from the product catalog at $5000 while the effective price is from the subscription rate plan charge. Thsi results in a displayed discount of 78% which is not correct.


This is causing a lot of confusion among the sales reps where it appears they heavily dissounted the old product and is not a correct reproesentation of subscription data.


The List Price should be retreived from Subscription and not the Product catalogue


Link to Support request.  https://support.zuora.com/hc/requests/136488




This functionality would be of great use to our company. Becuase of this current limitation, we have to unnecessarily create more rate plans to cater to different billing frequency.




Zuora Alumni
Hi we are going to try and target this for Quotes 9.6
Zuora Alumni

Hi all wanted to update folks we have resolved this in Quotes 9.6 which releases the week of July 16th.