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Request to add Invoice Item Line and Payment information on Salesforce Sync

Customer is requesting to have Invoice Item Line and Payment information to be available in Salesforce. The customer added that they would like line items in Salesforce in order for them to measure how many sales they've had of particular products. Then, it would be helpful for the payment information, especially, status in SFDC so that they do not have to to log into Zuora to verify this information.This in turn, would allow the customer to to make use of the Salesforce's reporting tools. 


This is being evaluated by our Product Management and tracking number is DE5123 / COM-1297.

Hi @nathanc. We are interested in having invoice items in Salesforce and like to take part in testing this feature. From invoice items in Salesforce we especially interested in service start/end date. Is that data available with new synchronisation feature?
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Hi @mikhail will reach out directly.  Yes that information is available.

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our client is asking for the same feature to be added on Sfa. 
are there any updates?






For those still looking for invoice item sync, there are 3rd party options out there.  


Feel free to PM me for more info.




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Status changed to: Implemented

This is now delivered with Data Connect.