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Re: Render Quote Templates in HTML, not Microsoft Word

Render Quote Templates in HTML, not Microsoft Word

Handing Quote Templates in HTML instead of via Microsoft Word would result in (at least) the following benefits:

  • HTML is more flexible and powerful than Microsoft Word's mail merge functionality;
  • Far more people are familiar with HTML than Microsoft Word mail merge - this would expand the pool of people who could add value to these templates

It seems odd that a leading SaaS application would rely on a technology as niche and old-fashioned as Microsoft Word mail merge.


Savvy Scholar

I cannot even begin to list the problems that we have run into using this word template.  It has certainly tarnished the Quote process for our team, the user would rather just do it offline.   And it does not help that it is so brittle with logic that it breaks if you look at it the wrong way.



Valued Scholar

This is much needed, we have spent huge amounts of money on consultants trying to create good templates for us but our end user are only creating contract offline because of technical limitations of word templates.

Savvy Scholar

The process for updating quote templates is endlessly frustrating.  Saving a Word template, uploading to Zuora, fetching the ID, plugging the ID into Salesforce, generating a quote, finding an error, debugging and then repeating the process 15+ times to get our initial quote template set up was a complete time-suck.  Please change this.