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Removing CRM ID from Zuora should NOT delete Billing Account in Salesforce

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Removing CRM ID from Zuora should NOT delete Billing Account in Salesforce

We noticed that when we remove the CRM ID from a customer record in Zuora, that the Billing Account, Invoices, Payments and Subscription records in Salesforce get deleted and are no longer avaialble for reference.


We were not expecting this at all and it's causing us some pain points as we don't want these records deleted as we need to reference these records, but we don't want to continue the data sync from SF to Zuora.


Is there a way to stop the data from syncing from SF to Zuora without removing the CRM ID?


These records are key to the Zuora CPQ process as we have accounts that we have lost and we need to keep this data visible to the end-users of SF that do not have access to view records in Zuora.


What about the Zuora account/subscription/etc is being changed in zuora that you don't want that information  synced to salesforce?


If the Zuora records aren't modified then Salesforce will simply retain the last version of the records.


It seems that leaving the Crm Id in Zuora but not modifying the Zuora records would accomplish your need, but again I don't know what zuora informtion you don't want to sync to salesforce.  Or maybe are you using the blank Crm Id as a filter of some sort?

Zuora Support

Hi @billdavis
Thanks for posting to Zuora community. I tested this behavior at my end and when I removed the CRM ID from Zuora and performed an on-demand sync, it did not delete the billing account from Salesforce. Can you please provide me exact steps to reproduce this issue at my end so that I can help you better?
Please let me know if I am missing anything.


Also, Have you created a ticket with Zuora Support yet so that we can look into your tenant and test the behavior there?

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@Hina- We have an existing support ticket (#170477) that has confirmed this functionalty with the engineering team. 


@ehavens- We are removing the CRM ID from Zuora as we do not want the data updates from SF to go into Zuora.  We are looking to have these records visible for historical look ups to the information.  Some of the data in Zuora may change and could see a use for this data to update in SF.


We would be ok if these objects remained in SF, but having them deleted automatically once the CRM ID is removed, is what we are trying to stop.


@billdavis Maybe an alternative solution is to prevent a quote from being generated for a specific type of subscription.  There's some customizations that could be implemented in the Quote Wizard in Step 1, where the subscription is selected, to prevent the subscription from being displayed or selected.  If no quote is created, no updates are sent to Zuora.  Could there be a custom field created on the subscripton object in salesforce that could be leveraged?

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@ehavens- We would normally not be creating quotes in our scenario as these are customers that are no longer using our solutions.


Ideally, when a customer in Zuora is set to 'Cancelled' we would want to stop the sync process from SF to Zuora.  That is the main reason we are removing the CRM id, is to prevent the data in Zuora from being updated.


Maybe your set up is different, but Salesforce doesn't update Zuora.

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Yes, we have a custom integration that was created by the Zuora implementation team that updates certain data from SF to Zuora.  This is what may need to be updated to allow this to work for us.  I'll update our support ticket to angle this to be more of a customization to an existing integration.