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Remove Zuora error on Salesforce unit tests

Is there anyway to avoid the Zuora error in Salesforce unit tests that states "Please upload Zuora WSDL at first" without having to use the @isTest(SeeAllData=true) attribute? Salesforce best practices are to not use SeeAllData=true. Using SeeAllData has the potential to create other issues when testing which I'm trying to avoid.

To generate the error I simply need to attempt to create a dummy Zuora object within the context of a test

Zuora.zObject zCharge = new Zuora.zObject('RatePlanCharge');

Is there anything else I can do to prevent this error? "Please upload Zuora WSDL at first"

How does one avoid this bug if it's not really a bug but what looks like bad design?

Zuora Alumni

Hi @MaggieL let me check with internal teams and I will post an update here


Thank you

Zuora Alumni

Hi @MaggieL For your refererence , the internal Jira ticket to track this request is PE-3488.

I am still checking on the time frame of this being addressed and will update this thread 


Thank you